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Ranger Security Detectors

About Ranger

Ranger the Company

Ranger Security Detectors is a fast growing US owned, and based, manufacturer that specializes solely in the development and manufacture of high efficiency metal detection technology. Ranger's rapid growth can be attributed to its commitment to producing innovative, high performance and competitively priced products. The company commenced operation in 1991 and initially concentrated on the manufacture of walk-through and hand held weapons detectors for the highly price conscious US school market. While remaining committed to the school market, the company subsequently branched into other sectors of security.

Ranger has its Corporate Office and Manufacturing Plant in El Paso Texas. The City of El Paso is located at the point where the borders of the States of Texas and New Mexico join the Mexican border. Ranger is an affiliate of The Wackenhut Group of companies. Wackenhut is a premier security organization that offers a variety of services in 52 countries.

Advanced, Competitively Priced Products for all Budgets

We manufacture innovative, quality, affordable priced products for weapon screening and asset protection applications. Our product range includes Multi-Zone, Dual-Zone and Tri-Sector Walk-Through Metal Detectors, Body Orifice Security Scanners, the Mediscan Loss Prevention Detector and a Hand Held Body Scanner.

Our walk-through detectors protect a diverse range of people from heads-of-state to children attending school and are installed at some of the world's most sensitive security sites. Despite its relatively low price, our Hand Held Scanner was rated highly in an FAA study and the B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Security Scanner received rapid acceptance by the US Corrections community.

An Aggressive R&D Program

Ranger is a young company with new ideas and solutions and a dynamic R&D program. We pioneered the advanced Multiple-Zone Continuous-Wave Multiple Sensor technique. Multiple-Zone Detection immediately set the industry standard for walk-through detectors, as it enhances screening efficiency and cuts operating costs. We introduced the unique Intelliscan 12000 eighteen-zone detector in 1995. It was the first metal detector capable of accurately pinpointing the location of a weapon or contraband metal object.

B.O.S.S., now widely used by US State and Federal prisons, is the only high sensitivity true non-motion detector for non-intrusively scanning anal, vaginal, nasal and oral cavities. It enhances the safety of both prison officers and inmates. Equally unique is the Mediscan. Mediscan is a loss prevention detector designed to cut hospital operating expenses. It detects expensive surgical instruments inadvertently discarded during operating room cleaning.

We were one of the first manufacturers to offer a two year warranty on our products.