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Micro Digital Technology:

The Combo UPS is powered by micro controller digital technology. It was possible through only this technology that all the appliances including Tube lights, Fans & computers can run altogether which eliminates the need of two equipments for similar applications, at your home or office.



Auto Overload Resetting:

Combo UPS shuts down automatically if exposed to excessive load and keeps on beeping and sensing the load to switch itself onto find the load within the specified limit, eliminating the need of manual resetting by the user. If the load is not reduced Combo UPS will shut down after 15 such attempts and user will need to restart it manually.

Best Regulated Output:

Combo UPS has regulated output voltage and frequency from no load to full load under all conditions of battery. Frequency is crystal controlled accurate 50HZ under all conditions.

Battery Health for Longer Life:

Battery is fed a constant boost charging current until the voltage of each battery reaches 14.2V and then float current (very close to zero) maintains it above 12.9V. Thus float current (flowing for the longest period in all this process) is reduced to nearly zero, ultimately resulting in much enhanced battery life, while keeping it fully charged simultaneously

Any Battery Option:

After a period of time some batteries do not go beyond 13.5V while charging. Normally, in this case batteries are over charged by normal Inverters. The Combo UPS declares the battery is charged, in this condition, and maintains it on float voltage level. This way, the user has the option of installing any battery with the Combo UPS. It also provides the option of battery equalising

Technical features:
                                                       NAR.RANGE                        WIDE RANGE      
Mains low cut off                         185V                                      95V        
Mains high cut off                        260V                                     295V     
Charging in system off              150V - 295V                        150V - 295V
Charging In System On             185V - 250V                        150V - 295V
Overload Reset                           Manual                                 Auto
Charge Overtime                        3m sec   500m secretary
Output Voltage                            220 ±  8% V, 50.0Hz AC
Overload Capacity                      110% Cont, 300% from 30mS
Battery Charging Rate              Const Curr. 7% of battery capacity
Audio Alarm                                 Buzzer for overload & low battery
Efficiency                                      95% Average


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