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MemoCam D-V58/Cell
D-V58/Cell is Video Domain Technologies’ new Memocam DVR with cellular communication capabilities enabling notification via cellphone and/or email whenever there is an event, with the option of JPEG images as an attachment.
A Color or B&W, Single Channel Digital Video Recorder(DVR) is a stand alone Palm sized DVR that combines digital recording on a removable SD/MMC Card capabilities with an advanced Video Motion Detection (VMD) and Sleep Mode (10mA) enabling low-power battery usage.
The D-V58/Cell has been developed using the most advanced GPRS Class 12 cellular platform available today, which enables the following operations: 
·          Receive pre-defined SMS messages or emails informing that there has been an event.
·          Receive JPEG image/s as attachment with the emails.
·          Send selected commands via SMS eg. Arm, disarm, configure…
·          Receive images attachments in encrypted format where requested.
·          Get status of the unit.
This makes it ideal for applications where discretion, mobility, quality video, low-power usage, easy set up and no daily maintenance are important factors.
The D-V58 automatically records events on the Memory Card following an alarm. The alarm can be activated by external triggers and/or by the internal Video Motion Detection (VMD).
The VMD enables the user to define specific areas of interest within the picture frame.
The recorded events are easily analyzed by simply removing the Memory Card from the unit and inserting it into a Memory Card Reader connected to a PC or Pocket PC.

The remote control enables the user to Arm/Disarm the event recording process or Record events manually.

For more info on the Memocam D-V58/Cell click  here.