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The MemoCam IP System extends stand-alone MemoCam units to a networked system for remote visual alarm verification over IP!

The MemoCam IP System consists of compact, covert MemoCam recording units connected to a PC through a MemoCam GateWay LAN/Internet interface. The system is modular and extendable, and is managed with an easy PC application.

Each MemoCam unit includes video motion and passive infrared detection, image recording, transmission and alarm notification over LAN and Internet as well as remote configuration. Up to 32 MemoCam units can be managed from anywhere anytime. The system also features live images on demand, distributed recording, image integrity and dual detection for reduced false alarms.

The best price-performance solution for remote evidence recording, alarm verification and image retrieval, the MemoCam IP System is ideal for home, business and property surveillance as well as simple-to-operate monitoring stations. Supported units: MemoCam® Plus iP Ready, MemoCam® DVR iP Ready.

The MemoCam IP System grows with your needs!



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