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NetEye Gold is an 8 colour-camera transmitter incorporating 8 sensor inputs, 8 audio inputs, 8 dry contact outputs, 2 video out channels and 1 audio out channel. 

The NetEye Gold enables transmission to management control centers and monitoring from remote sites.

As a complete CCTV system, NetEye Gold compresses, encodes and stores quality video on flash memory for immediate, easy access to recorded events and event logs. NetEye Gold is accessed through regular telephone lines, ISDN and cellular communication.

NetEye Gold also features internal high-speed high-quality pre- and post-alarm image capture, selectable recording and transmission image/video size, PTZ support, full duplex audio, programmable alarm inputs and control outputs.

With NetEye Gold, tracing recorded events and analyzing them is now a simple and easy task, thanks to the included Observer software. And, the NetEye Gold includes unique tools for effortless integration into new and existing security systems.


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