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Video Domain presents Unique Solutions at ISC West 2006:


Video Domain presents Next-Generation Solution for Video Recording – Offsite Visual Storage – at ISC West 2006, Booth 4074.

Offsite Visual Storage (OVS) is Video Domain Technologies’ Next-Generation Remote Visual Management Solution for Managing Business/Home Efficiently, Anywhere, Anytime.

It is the perfect solution for managing business or home efficiently & securely, even when you are not there - it is affordable, reliable, secure & user-friendly, and is implemented almost instantly. 


Utilizing MemoCam technology which records only relevant events, video clips of “events” are automatically transmitted to a storage server in a secure, tamper-proof environment.  These can be reviewed on any PC at anytime (24/7), from anywhere, over the internet.


OVS changes Digital Video Recording as We Have Known it Until Now

·No need to hassle which equipment to install, how much it costs or to learn complicated operations

·No need to invest in expensive equipment or bother with maintenance – the service provider is in charge

·No more sorting through hours of video. View only relevant video information

·No local disc failure – the video clips are secure, and there whenever they are needed


OVS is Easy to Install, and Easy to Work with

·It is quickly installed, is inconspicuous and doesn’t attract attention

·You are immediately informed by e-mail whenever there is an “event” with the option of an attached video clip.

·You control the system - you are provided with different options for the functionalities that are best for you, for example:
- automatic e-mail notifications
- video clip attachments
- notification only of events from specific cameras
- notification only of events from specific time frame

OVS Saves Valuable Time, Energy and Money

·You don’t waste hours monitoring video.  You get only what you need.  

·You are kept in the picture 24/7 to make informed decisions and take appropriate action

·Minimize loss from theft & shrinkage

·Maximize productivity, efficiency, access control

·Mitigate liabilities in the workplace due to violence & harassment


When supplied by CMS, OVS can be used for Visual Alarm Verification

·          The CMS verifies and can react immediately

·          Visual Alarm Verification can be performed from day one

·          Alarms can be relayed simultaneously with visual images, minimizing false alarms

·          Significant reduction of false alarms and fines

·          Possibility of lower insurance rates