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Now, you can view pictures taken by the ingenious MemoCam immediately and easily, on your hand held Pocket PC.

The easiest, most hassle free way to immediately see who’s been on the premises is with the new MemoCam Pocket PC player.  Once the Player application is installed on your pocket PC, there are no more wires to connect, no files to download. Just pull out the Memory Media Card from the MemoCam and stick it into you Pocket PC. It’s that easy.

Developed by Video Domain, a leader in CCTV and video hardware and software, the Player application, supplied with the easily mounted, totally portable and extremely inconspicuous MemoCam, portrays the following features and more:

Instant analysis of events stored in the Memory card.
View as thumbnails or in a detailed list view. 
Sort by date, time, size, camera and name. 
View images from date A to Date B only.
View images taken by a selected camera and limit these viewings to a certain date.
Play, pause, forward, backward, frame-by-frame or view as a slide show playback.
Verify frame integrity.
 Export to the built-in image editor. 

Businesses lose more money from internal thefts than from break-ins. The MemoCam and Player, specifically designed for ease of use and immediate analysis of the recorded frames, minimize damages caused by internal thefts and fraud.