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Ranger Security Detectors

What's New?


New Walk Through Web.

Displays the exact location of the concealed weapons on the built in display, and on the detectors side panels.


A New Family of Walk-Through Detectors

Ranger Security Detectors

The popular Intelliscan 12000, 9000 and 6000 are being replaced by new models. Their replacements are the Intelliscan Eighteen-Zone, Intelliscan Six-Zone and Ranger Safety Zone. Further models known as the Ranger Tri-Sector, Intelliscan Portable and Intelliscan Weatherproof have been added to the range. The Ranger Safety Zone has been designed specifically for school security applications.

These detectors include new detection programs, hardware and software and a feature called Horizontal Axis Gain Control. All have twenty highly versatile detection programs designed for efficient weapon screening and asset protection. Their discrimination, ability to separate weapons from harmless personal effects, is significantly superior to former models. The detection programs are superior particularly in the area of detecting knives in all orientations.

Asset protection has been significantly enhanced through the use of Selective Discrimination techniques that are unique to the new Ranger products. Horizontal Axis Gain Control is used to compensate for detection losses caused by stationary structural metal in walls, etc.

Optimized Asset Protection

It's now easy for you to create your own custom programs that target specific objects. For example, our unique Detection Enhancement feature permits the electronic components to be detected while the soda can and US coins pass undetected. This feature increases screening efficiency and cuts operating costs.

The rugged new Intelliscan Weatherproof is ideal for field operations and roadside searches. It can be operated from an AC power source or a vehicle battery. Its eighteen zones of detection accurately pinpoint the location of weapons.


Object Targetting
Intelliscan Weatherproof

Selective Discrimination

Selective Discrimination permits the detection response of either ferrous or non-ferrous metals to be completely suppressed. For example, this means that non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, lead, silver, gold, etc.) can be targeted while ferrous metals are ignored. Alternatively, ferrous metals (iron/steel) can be detected while non-ferrous objects are discriminated against. It is also possible to manipulate selected areas of the metal detection spectrum, for example, targeting of specific ferrous and non-ferrous objects.

New Standard Detection Programs Utilizing Selective Discrimination

Ranger have developed new standard detection programs for both weapon screening and asset protection. The weapons programs increase the quality and precision of detection for both knives and handguns. This has been achieved by compensating for orientation effects especially in weapons containing mixed metals. The new programs raise traffic throughput rates by cutting unwanted alarms.

Our unique Selective Discrimination concept is particularly appropriate for asset protection, as it permits specific metal groups to be targeted while total suppressing others. For example, a microprocessor or SIMMs memory card can be detected while a Coke can or a large quantity of US coins are ignored. Similarly, a material with low detection characteristics such as lead can have its detection response significantly enhanced, while larger steel objects are totally discriminated against.

This development is significant, as most metal detectors simply detect the entire spectrum of metals and usually detect ferrous objects much more strongly than similar sized non-ferrous objects.

Ranger's new standard detection programs are utilized in all our latest detectors and offer the following detection modes:


Detection Characteristics

1 - 6

Optimized weapons screening programs for different threat levels (handguns and handguns/knives)


Lead containers and certain handguns


Ferrous and non-magnetic stainless steel rods


Ferrous and mixed metal knives (hunting and butcher)


Small thin ferrous metal objects (blades and processor chips)


All metal base Program (ideal for creating a custom Detection Enhanced Program)


Boosts ferrous and non-ferrous metals


Detects large ferrous objects while suppressing non-ferrous metals


Detects large non-ferrous objects while suppressing ferrous objects


Detects small to medium non-ferrous objects and medium sized non-magnetic stainless objects


Detects copper, brass, nickel and aluminum objects while suppressing other metals


Selectively detects lead


All metal base program with 20% attenuation for all metals


All metal base program with positive spectrum suppression


All metal base program with negative spectrum suppression

The above standard programs will meet the needs of most users. However, any of the above programs can have their detection profiles optimized by using our Detection Enhancement Option.

Customized Detection Programs for Demanding Applications

A new software option called Detection Enhancement is available for security specialists that have very demanding or unusual detection applications. It enables a user to compliment Intelliscan. s twenty standard weapon screening and asset protection programs with six customized programs. Each custom program can be designed to optimize the performance of the detector for a specific security application. The design process is fast, accurate and easy to implement, once completed the new detection profile can be permanently stored in memory. The theory and practical implementation of Detection Enhancement are described in a new training video/CD. All aspects of the design process are implemented within Intelliscan's microprocessor. No knowledge of computers is required.

Detection Enhancement can be easily used to make minor modifications to the detection characteristics of a standard program or to formulate an entirely new detection program. For example, a weapon or asset that proves difficult to detect at normal sensitivity levels can have its individual detection response radically altered. For more information on Detection Enhancement see Walk-Through Detector Options.

If you have a specialized screening application and wish to discuss the appropriateness of the Detection Enhancement technique please contact Derek Barker.

Side Panel Display for Operators That Work Close to Detector

The new Side Panel Display is ergonomically positioned to be easily viewed by operators that prefer to work close to the detector. It compliments the standard alarm display. It is mounted at eye level and can be viewed without the operator changing position or looking upward. This increases efficiency and Operator comfort and reduces stress.

The optional display can be attached to either side panel.


Pacemaker Safety Certification

Intelliscan Certified Safe For Users of Heart Pacemakers

Intelliscan was recently certified safe for users of heart pacemakers and implanted defibrillators. It was clinically tested by the cardiac research center of a US medical school and the Medical and Health Ministry of the Russian Federation. The Russian certificate of certification is shown on the left.

Hand Held Scanner Certified Safe For Pacemakers

Clinical testing was conducted by a US medical school on the Model 1000 Hand Held Body Scanner. It was certified safe for users of heart pacemakers and implanted defibrillators.

BOSS With Foot Sensor

Asset Protection Applications

B.O.S.S. is being used by jewelry and precious metal mining and manufacturing industries. In addition to screening anal, vaginal, oral and nasal cavities these units are equipped with sensors for scanning the feet and abdominal area.

Pecker Checker


The PC is designed to detect small precious metal objects concealed in the region around a males genitalia.

Portable B.O.S.S.

Briefcase B.O.S.S.

Designed for corrections applications where portability and field operations are important. An internal sensor permits anal, vaginal, oral and nasal searches to be conducted. The unit can be operated from an AC power source, an internal rechargeable battery (2.25 hours continuous operation) or a vehicle's cigar lighter socket.

Handi B.O.S.S.

Para B.O.S.S.

Para B.O.S.S. provides a more convenient method of screening people confined to wheelchairs.

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New Product and Training Videos

  • Metal Detectors For School Security
  • Call for your free video on "Using Metal Detectors to Enhance School Security".
  • Detection Enhancement Training Video
  • Training video is supplied free with purchase of Detection Enhancement Design Option. Provides theoretical and practical design information on creating new optimized detection programs.
  • Video on B.O.S.S. Installation
  • A new installation and operating video is now available. Contact us for a copy.